Final Fantasy Record Keeper

So the last couple of days I’ve been playing FFRK almost nonstop. iPhone in charger most of the time. I do really like the final fantasy. And this games does bring some good memories. I do still remember the best FFVII marathon I had, when it was released on the very first Sony Playstation. The new and amazing cut scenes, big polygon characters (way better then sprites at that time). And so much more. Sigh when I was young…hmmm now I sound old.

Anyways back to the point of video games. Video game addiction is a real thing. Sigh.
The other game that I’ve also been playing a lot is Hearthstone. Gold grinding, and saving up to buy the new adventure more of Blackrock mountain.

So looking at these to games now…all I do in them is grinding for gold. And saving it to buy something new. If real life was a video game…hmm what would I do for gold grinding then? What job would come close?

Gold/Gil grinding… Oh this brings back so many memories (you know the repetitive ones)


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