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Do or Do Not

Track your day to day activities with Do or Do Not. Once you start using this application, you’ll not want to go back to a time without having it. Each activity or habit can be set with an icon to better identify and distinguish itself from other activities.
The activity itself has an occurrence count, for how many times a day you want to do this task. The number of icons represents this count. You simply tap on the icon to mark part of the activity as done and go back to what you were doing.

The activities will reoccur each day and new entries will be automatic created for it. You can easily set the status to non-active to skip a day.

Each activity has a timeline function which shows the daily results for each day it was active. This is easy to understand, and you can just scroll through it and to get a comprehensive overview.


In general, most applications offer the option to track habits, streaks, routines, etc. only have one type of entry. The thing you want to do and improve. Negative items and things you want to avoid will also be put on the same list. This can work for a small list of items, but for bigger lists, this could start to get confusing. Do you have to do this one item or was it the other way around?

Do or Do Not makes a distinction between activities that you want to do and activities that you want to avoid each day. These Do Not activities could be anything you can think of. From quit smoking to eating less junk food, if improving your health is what you are aiming for. Or from reducing the time watching YouTube videos to checking your Facebook account, when improving your productivity is what you want. Each time you withstood the temptation, you mark it and go back to what you were doing.

With the selection list function, you can easily switch between the positive Do activities and the negative Do Not activities.
Do activities should be tackled with a positive attitude towards completing them.
Do Not activities should be tackled as activities that you should be avoiding, or more to the point the temptations that you should be withstanding.
From a behavioral standpoint: it is important to make a distinction between what should be done and what shouldn’t be done.

Do or Do Not also support Widgets on your home screen from iOS 14 onwards. Widgets are a good way to remind you of the activities that you have set for yourself. Activities are represented by the icons you have selected for them. And the progress can be easily understood in one glance.

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Baby Vegetable

Baby Vegetable is a must-have app for a mother-to-be.
It will help you keep track of your baby’s growth, with a weekly growth estimate.
You’ll see an approximate growth in weight and length of your unborn child. This information is made more tangible by having every week estimate accompanied by a vegetable/fruit/seed image for comparison.
Using the new iOS 14 Widget function, you can see this growth information permanent on your home screen.
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Just A Thought

Just A Thought is an application designed to help you keep track of all your thoughts and ideas.

All you have to do is start the app and input your thought (with keyboard or voice dictation) and press enter. Your thought entry will be automatically ordered by date, time, and the names that you mention. Additionally, you can also add text and emoji labels to your thought.


Just A Thought has various modes.
Search Mode is an easy to use search function using the labels that you have set to help you find the specific thought that you want. Just tap a tag or multiple tags and all the thought with the associated tags will be shown.

Tag Mode shows all the tags that you have made and all the thoughts that are linked to it.

Day Overview Mode lists all the days in which you have made a thought entry, another way to help you find the thought of interest.

Diary Mode, all the thoughts for a day will be combined into a diary entry for that day. This is an easier way to read those thoughts of yours. You can swipe left or right to go through the days or select the specific day that you want using the timeline function.

Edit Mode enables you to edit a thought text, and also add or remove labels linked to the thought. This can help you identify that thought at a later time in the future.

With iOS 14 there is also a Widget option that shows you a random thought that you have made that day.

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