Monthly Archive: June 2019

Video Diary

VideoDiary record your video with a purpose, direction and goal in mind. The first thing to mention is that with every video that you take, you can set a couple of questions to be asked about during the recording. These questions are called Focus Questions, you can decide whenever those…
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Nag Me About It

The NagMe app enables you to set repeated alerts like every hour, every day at a specific time or any other combination in days/months/years. The alerts themselves can be easily muted when not needed and be unmuted again when needed. With this you don’t need to recreated specific alerts that…
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PuppyDo uses the build in Reminders app as its database. Which means it will use the reminders that you have created and display them as ToDo’s in PuppyDo. New todo’s that you create in PuppyDo will also be created as reminders for the Reminders app. This is also true for…
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