Monthly Archive: March 2024


Gamify your daily todo list with FarmerDo. Create a basic todo item like any other existing application, the difference is that when you mark it as done you’ll be issued an additional task in the minigame. Only when you finish this in-game task will your todo item be marked as done.

Who says a todo list needs to be boring. Having some fun as a small reward after a task is done that’s what FarmerDo is all about.

Queue Up?

This application is all about the meta of the queue up process itself. How much time you spend on waiting for something and what you could have done instead?

The QueueUp game is designed for the casual non-gamers out there, something you can do while you have to wait in line. 

Feeling bored and frustrated because the line is not moving, find comfort in a steady moving line inside QueueUp.

Irony? What irony?