Hidden Photo Data

What does this app do?
The Hidden Photo Data app lets you view, edit, add, or remove metadata on photos in your library.

What is metadata?
Metadata is a set of data that describes and gives information about the associated photo.

Most digital cameras like the iPhone will automatically create this data with each photo that it takes.

The data itself can contain a description of the size, resolution, and color scheme of the photo.
But it can also contain specific information like when and where the photo was taken, who took the photo and what camera was used.

So each time you share a photo through social media, you in essence are also sharing that photo metadata with everyone else.

The purpose of this application:
1/ to make that “metadata” visible
2/ enable you to decide what data you want to share, by editing or stripping away the metadata
3/ add more information to the photo, like a title and description. You could also add extra copyright to the photo by stating that you are the photographer and your contact information if someone wants to use it.

What can you do about it?

The photo library app and other apps like it can use these data to sort all your photos into various albums.



























































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