Welcome to the Mysteryfiles.nl site!

On this site you’ll find the Apps that I made for the iOS platform, which include iPhone and iPad. In the future maybe the OSX platform and more.

For now I’m just a beginner, learning the steps towards a better code understanding. In my educational background never took a computer programming course. What I did do was study Molecular Science for a few years till the bachelor and switch to Child & Development Psychology. Graduated, worked in that profession and all the associated things.

And then somewhere along the line the iPhone came into my life. Didn’t buy it at first, thought it was to expensive. I was happy with my Nokia something (can’t remember the specs). January 9, 2007 was not the real starting point then. But a year later I fit bought an iMac, which was around the same time as the official release of the iPhone SDK (now iOS) platform. I bought my first iPod Touch 2nd edition. This really changed my life and way of thinking at some part. The first time I used it with safari, couldn’t believe the idea of having the internet in the palm of my hands. The freedom of not being connected to a physical keyboard and display was really magical. Didn’t play that much games at the time on the iPod, because I got a Nintendo DS. But as time passes by with more Games and Apps in the AppStore. I kinda upgraded to the iPhone (second hand first edition). The more I used it the more I wanted to know about the device itself. Read a lot about it, watch the introduction video multiple time. Really like it when Steve said it’s a phone, it’s an iPod and it’s a portable internet device. Repeat. Repeat. It’s called the iPhone! How cool was that!

So without knowing what precisely happened or what causes it, but idea’s of Apps came to me. Unfortunately I knew nothing about coding. No C or Java experience at all. I knew a lot about psychological disorders, treatments, behavioral patterns and even reading molecular structures. But didn’t know the difference between a byte and a bit. What an char or an class. Properties, delegates and even more scarier words then. Not that many developmental books available for Objective C, unlike now (too much to count nowadays). So for gathering info Apple really helped a lot with their documentation. It was really hard. I literally spend months reading about the thing that they call Objective C. Much of it just went passed me. But as time passes and more books became available for beginners and tutorial video’s which shows you how to do things. It started to make sense. I started to be able to think in code and procedural decision making. If you do this one thing, to other things may happen which then leads to more things etc. Which was and is kinda cool in my opinion.

So I got hooked into this. I exchanged everything I had and knew for this one new thing called iOS Development. It was scary at first and still is, no certainty of a fixed income. Depended on what people like and willing to download an App that I made. I get happy when I see people downloading it. And sad when I receive negative reviews…. I’m a person that doesn’t handle rejection well. Call me insecure or whatever but hearing negative things about something were I spend time and effort making isn’t really nice. But that’s life I guess. You can’t please everyone.

Then the iPad came into the world January 27, 2010. Really couldn’t wait till April that year. But seeing that I didn’t live in the States. Nothing else for me to do then waiting for the international May 28, 2010 release. By the way still got one at the beginning of May through someone at a reasonable price. My magical moment with the iPad was watching a movie with it. It was “Up”. There I was sitting in bed, headphones on and being carried away in the magical adventure. I cried and laughed while watching. It was like the first time watching a movie in the cinema for me. No distractions just me and the iPad before my eyes.

Anyhow with this came more possibilities and opportunities. Upgrade my existing  Apps to the iPad. Or making other unique Applications for it. Other things to learn like popovers and new human interface guidelines. What to do and what not the do.

So this is my backstory.

On this website you’ll see the Apps that I’ve made. But next to displaying them, I also explain certain thoughts about the process of developing them. The ups and the downs. The easy way and the hard way… I don’t really believe in an easy way. So more the hard way then.

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