Monthly Archive: February 2024


Gamify your daily todo list with NinjaDo. Create a basic todo item like any other existing application, the difference is that when you mark it as done you’ll be issued an additional mission in the minigame. Only when you finish this in-game task will your todo item be marked as done.

Who says a todo list needs to be boring. Having some fun as a small reward after a task is done that’s what NinjaDo is all about.


Photo Stamp

Add a personal touch to your photos with Photo Stamp.

You start with selecting the stamp style that you want to use and customize it to your preference. After this all you have to do is stamp your selected main photo with your personalized design.

Stamp styles to choose from:

1/ reaction, use a selfie photo to express your message.

2/ tag, use a symbol to express your message.

3/ emoji, use an emoji icoon to express your message.