Emergency Info

No one wants to be in an accident…
But what if you do get into one. Don’t you want the best help possible?

The Emergency Info App aims to play a role in this situation by providing accurate and easy accessible information to the first help responder that is treating you.

As a first step: a clear and distraction free icon. A homescreen layout differs from person to person, and finding a particular app can be difficult for someone new to it. And nothing attracs the attention more than a bright red color and an exclamation point.

The second step: presenting the information. This should be short and to the point. In an emergency, every second counts. And time wasted by scrolling through an app and reading lots of sentences, isn’t really a good thing.
After a careful consideration on what information is important, how to show it and still be relevant to you the user. The decision was settled on a information section category layout. You can choose from different information sections and in each section you can enter the information that applies to you. Your allergies, specific medical condition that you have or certain medicines that you are taking.
With customization you can choose what’s important and relevant to you and show this on the first and most important screen of the app. The info that could save your life.

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