Being speechless

Recovered old blog, first time with iPad.

Wow…..just wow. That’s all I can say for now. The reason for this is: I’ve got an iPad. Yes I really do got one. It’s really is amazing.
Like I just finished watching the movie “UP”. I haven’t seen it yet, but it was amazing. Using the word “amazing” again. Anyway I watched it in my room with all the lights turned off and with my headphones on…..and wow. With the big and bright screen……it was just like my first experience in the movie theater.

Okay the story was good and it really hit a sensitive point/part in me. Beginning with the meeting of your special someone. It was nice. Oh the good part was seeing them life their  lives in those few minutes. It really did something with me. Like me feeling how it must feel,
the happiness…
the togetherness…
the hope…. Growing old together and then…. the sad part…. The passing away of “Ellie”.
 I don’t know what I would have done in the shoes of him. But think it would be like living on with my life. Feeling sad. Thinking about her and just talk to her. Just to talk to her for the sake of keeping her memory alive.
I think it was a brave thing to decide to pack all the thing up and go for the adventure. To go for fulfilling the promise of putting their house at that place. Forgot the name. Niagara Falls? 
The nicest part and the part were I almost started to cry. Ehmm no not cry but did shed a tear was when he finally got the house there and he sitting in his chair and next to him the empty chair of “Ellie”. Like I almost could feel her presence there and when he looked through the book plus the music starting to play. That gentle sound…..those flashback of their life. Those were the adventures that she treasured most. And when he realized that….that was just an amazing touchy moment. For me … thinking about it now. I really liked the movie.

And I’m thankful for my iPad for giving me the opportunity to see the movie this way. I like the design and easiness, it’s just…wow. I really got the feeling that I was in the movie and experiencing the adventure. The ups and the downs.
Like in a movie theater there is a big screen and all, but that still doesn’t give me feeling of: me and just the movie. Because your never alone in the theater. Always distractions. But this is a new and cool experience. Me alone, in bed, lights off, sitting comfortable, warm blanket and a movie with the iPad….amazing!

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