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My Health Widget

The Apple Health Application provides you a good way to store, order and display of your health data. The My Health Widget application will be using this data and expand the display options to the widget format on your home or lock screen.

My Health Widget will focus mainly on dietary food intake and display various record types that you are interested in. Worried about your iron level? Place a widget with your iron intake value on your home screen. Sugar level? Caffeine intake? Water consumption? Various Vitamins? All this is possible, as long as you have the sufficient data on the Health Application. My Health Widget also enables you to input the necessary data, if you know the correct amount of intake, into the Health Application.

Next to dietary information, there is the option to display activity data like the number of steps taken or distance traveled on a day.


Running Activity

So lately I been trying to work on my physical condition by picking up running as an activity. I used to like it… no actually I still like it. You just need to get past that initial wall of tiredness, once you get over it the runners high takes over.

I’ve been using the Nike+ plus app to track my progress, which is nice in design and usefulness. Today I discovered a milestone achievement badge. Apparently I made it into the green one 249 km. I completed the orange one for 49,9 km. There is a blue one for 999 km and even higher than that. Pfff I don’t think I’ll make it that far. Unless you do a 5k every day in a week for 52 weeks in a year. Nope, not going to try. I do wonder about people who do this kind of thing for a living. The pros like marathon runners or the crazy ones. They must have a strong will power to keep on going. Day by day.

I’m not there yet. All that I can do is take it step by step.