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Diablo 3 two weeks after release

So I’ve been playing Diablo 3 for two weeks now. The result so far I’ve got an level 60 Demon Hunter called Buffy. Hell yeah I do. If she’s not a vampire slayer, then she’s a demon hunter 😉

Currently I’m in the first act of inferno and pffff the elites are hard. especially the invulnerable minions with fast movement coupled with arcane, jail or frozen orb. Still can’t beat them or out run them. Sigh grinding for better gear. Farming for gold and go to the AH to look for some cheap and affordable stuff. Still can’t and won’t pay over a million gold pieces for a single item. Prices are indeed sky high.

So far I have changed some of my playing tactics by switching some skills. My first setup was to use strafe with drifting shadow for running away from enemies while placing caltrops with jagged spikes. I say running but it isn’t really running because I’m still fighting and doing damage this way. My main form of attack was hungering arrow with scatter. Really like seeing the arrow split in three and going back to the enemy. What homing missiles? As a secondary rapid fire with high velocity. And at last evasive fire with displacement if the enemy got to close and shadow power with gloom for life and defense. This was good in nightmare and hell. In a way but in the later levels of hell and especially inferno. It’s not fast and mobile enough. After some careful thinking and experimenting with the skill setup. Thank you Blizzard for this. Back in the Diablo 2 time, you have to start all over again :S

People keeps saying with out smoke screen inferno is impossible. Ehmm to be honest I’ve never really used smoke screen before. And after hearing that it has been nerved. I thought why? Then I saw some video’s….ahh I understand. In a way constant being invulnerable that’s good but cheesy isn’t it? Plus not really my style and in a way it does feel boring. The hit and run tactics is more my way and it feels engaging. You have to be alert all the time and no slaking off. Pressing some buttons and yawning.

In my new skill setup hungering arrow with scatter and caltrops with jagged spike remains. Those two I really like. While exploring a new area shoot a hungering arrow ahead and seeing it automatically going to the nearest enemy. That’s fun and also cool. The caltrops is for defense and attack. Certain enemies and targets remain immobile place a caltrop next to it and it will do constant damage to it. Like before the skeleton king, you have to do the four pilar thing with lots of skeletons. Placed for caltrops at the pillars. stand back and fire some hungering arrows while using rapid fire and the skeletons. I completely ignore the pillars because thanks to the caltrops they got destroyed. In later levels when fighting elites use bombs running away not a good way to survive. Instead do the opposite strafe to the enemy until your face to face. Put down a lot of caltrops to slow them and also doing damage to them. Fire you attack skills for life steal. That’s my way to deal with them. And it really works. The catch is you have to withstand a blow or two. So these two skill a must for me (hungering arrow and caltrops). In the new setup I’ve picked elemental arrow with nether tentacles. In the early levels I used ball lightning and really cool to deal with packs of enemies. This is a cooler version with life regeneration. By choosing the nether tentacles, I dropped the shadow power with gloom. Don’t need the life steal effect for this. But for some tricky boss fight the life steal and added defense of gloom is a must… so my spare change of skill by choice then.

Next up  a second secondary skill impale with over penetration. Discovered I needed a hard hitting skill and with 250% weapon damage this is the skill of choice and it’s s good crowed control when the enemies line up for you in narrow passages. By choosing impale, I dropped rapid fire with high velocity. Used this for the same effect. Impale works faster and doing more damage. When it hits. Not saying it’s better then rapid fire. You fire less often and if you’ve got certain effect bonuses as slow, bleed, chill, knock back or other effect on hitting enemies. Using rapid fire is the way to go. More arrows means more changes those effect will be triggered.

Another skill that I’m keeping is evasive fire with displace. Not doing this for the weapon damage but for survival. This skill is on my primary mouse button. Click on the primary button and character will move to where you want to go and if there is an enemy evasive fire is triggered. The good part now if the enemy is to close you will backflip to a save distance. From there do your worst with elemental arrow and impale.

My last skill is vault with tumble, this is really a lifesaver. It increases your survivability and your movement speed. Plus is gives you more control over your movement then evasive fire. You know the elites with the wall ability? With vault you’re no longer trapped by them. With two times vault and you’re out of harms way. Oh vault why didn’t I discover you earlier?

As for passive steady aim and sharp shooter for focusing on more damage. Brooding for life. Which fits well in the hit and run tactic.  You run and vault to a save place while recovering your health and sharp shooter increases the critical hit chance on the next attack for damage. And in the meantime put some caltrops down to slow the enemy while dealing damage. Your running, but it doesn’t mean you stop fighting!!!! So fire some nether tentacles and hungering arrows back to your foe.



Diablo 3 & paying for digital content

Like a lot of people I saw that wonderful 3003 error when trying to access the Diablo 3 Beta on friday (20th april). I tried for hours… a real stress test indeed.

Any how on saturday I did got access and how wonderful it was. First played the Witch Hunter. Which was cool, a real improvement from the rogue and amazon. Which of course I also had played from previous Diablo and Diablo 2. The bummer is a level cap at 13. Really wanted to see the more advance skills. I got the taste and wanted more…but not able until may 15th. Sigh. It’s like fishing you put out some bait and get them hooked before you wheel them in. So needless to say I preordered it. I wanted to wait first but I guess I gave in to the temptation. I foresee a future nights playing Diablo 3.

So the question that wondered into my mind is can you make a living out of playing the game? The in game auction house does seem intriguing. Auctioning your loot for real money. So my first aim and goal is to earn back the 60 euro I paid for the pre-order. Price wise it’s ok for a game like it, but for a digital version….it does seem and feel high. Doesn’t it?

Downloading the game now…