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Icon@2xSo after long long time the long awaited update. Vitamin 101 is now at version 2.0 (after 10 different other updates, never really changed the interface). What I can say about this version is that it’s more beautiful than ever. Just look at the images below:


Vitamin promo1Vitamin promo 2














Vitamin promo 3Vitamin promo 4














As you can see the semi visible second view while the first view is active in photo 3 (like Facebook I guess). The other thing are the picture tiles. It really looks amazing on the iPad. And to be honest the candy & sweet section made my mouth watery.

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AppStore Description:

With Vitamin 101 you’ll have all the information you ever wanted to know about vitamins in the palm of you hand.
Vitamin 101 gives you informations about vitamins, minerals, fats, carbs and more.

Vitamin 101 has a massive database which contains lists of food products (fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts, fish, beans, dairy, bread, pasta, rice, cereals, drinks and more).

So when you eat an apple and want to know what vitamins and minerals it contains? Vitamin 101 will provide you with the answer.

You’re doing groceries at the supermarket and want to prepare something with broccoli. How many calories does it contain or what about the potassium level? Don’t worry Vitamin 101 knows the answer!

Type in the product name and tap it for more information. Double tap to zoom or in pinch if you prefer.



the old version below


The Vitamins 101 app is the one and only food reference application that you’ll ever need. It contains various food categories from food, vegetables to fish and seaweed.

Currently  the Vitamins 101 app will show you the vitamins and mineral concentration of the specific food you select. The listed information are also presented in a clear easy to understand graph.

Next to this, there is also a new listing which includes the fat, carbs and protein distribution.

The fat distribution is listed in the accumulation of saturated fat, monosaturated fat, polysaturated fat, cholesterol and other fats.

See the screen shot & video for more info

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